Giant Elephant Ear (Colocasia Gigantea)

Alocasia Gigantea ,also known as “Giant Elephant Ear”, “Giant Taro” and “Thailand Giant, is highly regarded as the largest and most stunning Colocasia available. Small plants will grow rapidly, often growing to 5-9′ tall in one season. The leaves of Thailand Giant will grow to 5′ long and 4′ wide when provided ideal locations. The leaves are a beautiful light green/powdery grey color atop 2-4′ stems.

History And Uses: Colocasia Gigantea (more specifically elephant ear in general) has been cultivated in Asia and Polynesia for over 10,000 years! The leaves and roots are cooked  and eaten as a staple crop in tropical regions.

Courtesy of Dave from GardenWeb

Propagation: Because these are Colocasias rather than Alocasias, they do not form a true corm or rhizome. The roots in the ground will eventually swell to form a corm like structure, but will never form the true taro tuber eaten through Asia and the pacific islands. Because of this it is propagated both by the division of pups and by seed (much like the banana plant).


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